Flavours that serve passion!

Delicious Burgers

We love making burgers which is why we have spent over a decade searching for ways to make the best Melbourne burgers. Our dedication has resulted in hundreds of loyal customers across Melbourne, and the number is increasing every day. To obtain the best burgers in town, please contact us today.

Yummy Submarines

We pride ourselves in offering the delectable submarine in Melbourne. This is because we make with great care and use special ingredients that no other sub maker in Melbourne knows of. Moreover, our subs are affordable and easy to obtain. So if you are searching for a tasty yet economical option for your next meal, then Buns On Wheels’ sub is an ideal pick.

Hot Chips with Toppings

Chips are delicious! Nearly everyone loves them. And rightly so because there’ nothing to hate about this amazing food. From deep-fried potatoes to delicious toppings, they have everything one craves for. At Buns On Wheels, we are the masters of making hot chips with scrumptious toppings. So if you are looking for a quick fix for your appetite, reach out to BOW, Melbourne food truck and order hot chips with your favourite toppings right away.

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings are another one of our products that people in Melbourne absolutely love. They are your perfect partner for movies, football, TV, and more. Moreover, they are entirely safe for health which means you can eat them whenever you want. Also, the taste of our fried chicken wings is so good, you will never get tired of them. So place an order and start enjoying fried chicken wings in Melbourne.


Drinks and juices are an essential part of every meal. Whether you are having a go at a burger or eating a submarine, you will always need a drink to truly enjoy your meal. At Buns On Wheels, we offer a range of drinks and fresh juices to make your experience with us a truly unforgettable one. Please contact us for more details.

Delicious Burgers

WTD (What The Devil)





















Lickin de Fricken

lickendefricken wings


original wings

Chirpy Chips

Regular Chips $3.99
Large Chips $5.99



Fiery Fries




Add more BOWs

Fried Jalapenos $50
Pickled cucumber $50
Remoulade (kholrabi, cabbage, apple, onion) $1.5
Bacon rash $2
Fried egg $1.50
Cheese slice $1
Extra sauce 35ml $1.5
Chicken patty with cheese $4
Beef patty with cheese $4


Can of soft drink 375ml (Sprite, Coke, Fanta, Diet Coke) $3.5
Bottled water 600ml $3.5
Red Bull 250ml $4.5
Apple Juice $2.5
Iced tea 500ml $4.5
Bundaberg diet ginger beer $3.5

Bringing burgers to your doorstep

Founded in 2021, Buns on Wheels is built on the idea that the food is better when it reaches your doorstep. So, we are here to shape that idea into reality. 

With years of experience in making delicious burgers, our team consists of professional cooks with a shared passion for satiating your taste buds. We not only roam the streets of Melbourne to show you how delicious our items are, but we also offer specialty catering in different places to make your next event as exciting as possible. For food items that are scrumptious, healthy, and light on the pocket, you can’t beat Buns on Wheels.