About Us

Located in Melbourne, Buns On Wheels is a famous food truck in town. We strive to deliver a bold and unrivalled taste through our creations, which is why we are rapidly developing a large pool of devoted customers throughout Melbourne.

With years of experience in creating delicious burgers in Melbourne, we know what type of product people expect and boast the expertise to deliver perfect burgers as per their demands.

Our team comprises professionals who have previously worked with top brands in the fine dining and burger industry. Therefore, you can always expect to receive top quality service with Buns On Wheels.

Our Top Offerings

At Buns On Wheels, our professional pack has your back. Apart from burgers and submarines, Buns On Wheels offers hot chips in Melbourne with a variety of toppings and fried chicken wings which are massively liked by customers.

Moreover, all our products feature top quality material along with delicious homemade sauces and crumbs which are unlike anything you have ever tasted. Plus, all of this comes at an affordable price. So even if you are low on budget, our menu will always be accessible to you for family treats.

Our Story

Buns On Wheels is created by Shardi the Chef who is famous for preparing delicious foodstuff. He has been serving people with his delightful dishes for over 12 years. Since the start of his career, he had wanted to create unique burgers & submarines and established Buns On Wheels as soon as he got the opportunity.

The main idea of our brand is to provide people in Melbourne with burgers of unrivalled taste. For this reason, we take our food from place to place through a mobile truck and people love us for this. We combine dedication, quality, and experience in one place, making it easy for you to satiate your taste buds.

Our truck is always available and delivers a range of delicious food. So if you want to access the best food truck in Melbourne, please contact now. We’d love to help.